A review of the effect of household water purification devices in Iran on the physicochemical quality and microbiological of water

Document Type : Review Article(s)


1 Environmental health department, faculty of health, Kermanshah university of medical sciences, Kermanshah, Iran

2 Department of Environmental Engineering, School of Public Health AND Social Development and Health Promotion Research Center, Kermanshah University of Medical Science, Kermanshah, Iran


Background: Access to clean water is one of the primary and essential needs of humans in terms of its physical, chemical, and biological properties. Every year, many people die from water-borne diseases. Household water treatment devices play a significant role in supplying water needed by different world countries.

Objectives: This study was conducted to investigate the effect of these household water purification devices on the physical, chemical, and microbiological quality of water in different cities of Iran.

Methods: This review has used different databases in Iran and surveys Iranian studies in other databases worldwide.

Results: The studies showed that the average concentration of water parameters such as total hardness, alkalinity, dissolved oxygen, sulfate, and nitrate in the output water of these devices had decreased and also residual chlorine in the outlet water of all samples was lower than the standard value.

Conclusions: To use household water purification devices, in addition to considering the benefits of using these devices, should also pay attention to the reduction of physicochemical and microbiological quality of water


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