Journal of Advances in Environmental Health Research

Aim and Scope

Journal of Advances in Environmental Health Research (JAEHR) is a quarterly peer-reviewed scientific journal published by Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences. The manuscripts on the topic of environmental science and engineering will be published in this journal. This contains all aspects of solid waste management, air pollution, water and wastewater, environmental monitoring and modeling, innovative technologies and studies related to the environmental science.

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Vol 3, No 2 (2015): Incomplete Issue

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Original Article(s)

Spatial distribution of fluoride in groundwater resources in selected parts of Kurdistan Province, Iran, using the geographical information system PDF
Pegah Bahmani, Afshin Maleki, Amir Hossein Mahvi, Hiua Daraei, Esmaeil Ghahremani, Dariush Naghipour-Khalkhaliani
Macroinvertebrate diversity indices: A quantitative bioassessment of ecological health status of an oxbow lake in Eastern India PDF
Dipankar Ghosh, Jayanta Kumar Biswas
Experimental design and response surface modeling for optimization of humic substances removal by activated carbon: A kinetic and isotherm study
Ahmad Reza Yazdanbakhsh, Yalda Hashempour

ISSN: 2345-3990