Number of Articles: 258
79. Improved removal of Trinitrotoluene (TNT) from contaminated soil by inducing aerobic process: kinetic and chemical byproducts

Volume 5, Issue 3, Summer 2017, Pages 139-145


Mohammad Amin Karami; Bahram Kamarehie; Mansour Ghaderpoori; Ali Jafari; Ahmad Akrami; Fateme Baghban shahri

81. Bioaccumulation of mercury in some organs of two fish species from the Sanandaj Gheshlagh Reservoir, Iran

Volume 2, Issue 3, Summer 2014, Pages 151-156


Borhan Mansouri; Farshid Majnoni; Zahed Rezaei; Fardin Gharibi

82. Prediction of H2S production rate in sewer systems using the Z model: a case study in Dehloran city, Iran

Volume 6, Issue 3, Summer 2018, Pages 152-159


Rouhollah Shokri; Ehsan Derikvand; Abouzar Souri; Amir Hossein Mahvi; Majid Hashemi

83. Application of experimental design approach for optimization of the photocatalytic degradation of humic substances in aqueous solution using immobilized ZnO nanoparticles

Volume 3, Issue 3, Summer 2015, Pages 154-163


Hooshyar Hossini; Mahdi Safari; Reza Rezaee; Reza Darvishi Cheshmeh Soltani; Omid Giahi; Yahya Zandsalimi

84. The fungal contamination of indoor pools in Sanandaj city, Iran (2017)

Volume 7, Issue 3, Summer 2019, Pages 155-161


Hamze Salehzadeh; Farzad Aala; Mohammad Mahdi Soori; Khorosh Javan; Mohammad Salimi; Shahram Sadeghi; Sumrand Nazazi; Fatemeh Mohebbinia; Parisa Mozaffari

85. Assessment and mapping of the seismic vulnerability of Tabriz city using the Fuzzy logic

Volume 8, Issue 3, Summer 2020, Pages 181-192


Fatemeh Mesbahi; Maryam Akbari Baghi; Ataollah Nadiri

86. Modeling of CO dispersion from the Stack of an Iranian cement industry

Volume 4, Issue 4, Autumn 2016, Pages 199-205


Gholamreza Goudarzi; Rajab Rashidi; Mohammad Javad Mohammadi; Shahram Sadeghi; Mehdi Amidnia; Yusef Omidi

87. Determination of arsenic concentration and physiochemical characteristics of water samples from Babagorgor fountain

Volume 5, Issue 4, Autumn 2017, Pages 205-209


Mohammad Ahmadi Jebelli; Afshin Maleki; Mohammad Ali Amoozegar; Enayatollah Kalantar; Behzad Shahmoradi

88. Radiological dose assessment of naturally occurring radioactive materials generated by the petroleum industry in wildlife: A case study of chinkaras of Lavan Island, Iran

Volume 2, Issue 4, Autumn 2014, Pages 215-222


Siavash Sedighian; Mohammad Ali Abdoli; Mohammad Hossein Niksokhan; Min Jun Kim; Seung-Yeon Cho

89. The kinetics of the removal of copper ions from aqueous solutions using magnetic nanoparticles supported on activated carbon

Volume 6, Issue 4, Autumn 2018, Pages 217-224


Mohammad Ebrahimi-Zarandi; Azita Khosravan; Mahmoud Reza Sohrabi; Morteza Khosravi; Mehran Davallo

91. Estimation of target hazard quotients for heavy metals intake through the consumption of fish from Sirvan River in Kermanshah Province, Iran

Volume 3, Issue 4, Autumn 2015, Pages 235-241


Borhan Mansouri; Afshin Maleki; Behrouz Davari; Jamal Karimi; Vahid Momeneh

92. Planning the decision-making process and strategic management of ROP wastewater treatment system in Abadan Oil Refinery with a combined benefit of SWOT and AHP

Volume 8, Issue 4, Autumn 2020, Pages 250-259


Ladan Khajeh Hoseini; Reza Jalilzadeh Yengejeh; Maryam Mohammadi Rouzbahani; Sima Sabz Alipour

93. Reduction of the impact of GHGs in ball bladder factory by using Life Cycle Assessment

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 01 June 2021


Bahareh Mohsenirad; Ebrahim Fataei

94. Effluent quality of ammonia unit in Razi petrochemical complex

Volume 1, Issue 1, Winter 2013, Pages 15-20


Nadali Alavi; Payam Amir-Heidari; Roza Azadi; Ali-Akbar Babaei

96. Assessment of chemical quality of drinking water in rural area of Qorveh city, Kurdistan province, Iran

Volume 2, Issue 1, Winter 2014, Pages 22-29


Afshin Maleki; Pari Teymouri; Rahman Rahimi; Mokhtar Rostami; Hassan Amini; Hiua Daraei; Pegah Bahmani; Shiva Zandi

97. Elimination of pathogenic bacteria using electrochemical process containing steel mesh electrode

Volume 5, Issue 1, Winter 2017, Pages 23-28


Fatemeh Ganizadeh; Abbas Rezaee; Hatam Godini

99. Photocatalytic efficiency of molybdenum-doped zinc oxide nanoparticles in treating landfill leachate

Volume 7, Issue 1, Winter 2019, Pages 25-31


Yahya Zandsalimi; Reza Rezaee; Esmail Ghahramani; Masoud Moradi

100. Heavy metal concentrations in the outdoor and indoor air of high-traffic areas in Tehran, Iran

Volume 8, Issue 1, Winter 2020, Pages 25-37


Azam Mehdipour; Mojgan Zaeimdar; Mohammad Sadegh Sekhavatjou; Sayed Ali Jozi